Does Medicare Pay for Hearing Aids, Hearing Exams, or Balance Exams?

Medicare will pay for diagnostic hearing and balance exams only if your health care provider orders it to see if you need medical treatment. Your Medicare Part B ( (medical insurance) is what covers the diagnostic hearing and balance exams, so if you’re e..

Changes Coming to the Ameren Retiree Medical Program

If you’ve retired from Ameren, you may have been notified that your retiree benefits will be changing, effective January 1, 2019. In fact, you may have already received a letter from the Aon Retiree Health Exchange about these changes, along with an invitation to purchase Medicare benefits through their retiree health exchange. While it ma..

How Smokers Can Get a Life Insurance Policy With Non-Smoking Rates

For nearly all of time, smokers have had to pay more for life insurance – a lot more. On average, smokers pay double what non-smokers do for the same life insurance coverage. This is extremely frustrating for tobacco users, and it’s even more frustrating for those who plan on quitting but can’t get a break with the monthly insurance premi..

What Does the Life Insurance Medical Exam Test For?

When you apply for life insurance, there will be a medical exam. The only exception is if you purchase life insurance that is Guaranteed Issue (GI). Guaranteed Issue plans don’t have any health questions, and they do not require you to do any medical exams. These types of plans are perfect for anyone with health conditions that might not be..

Are Annuities a Good Investment?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked from both new clients and existing clients: are annuities a good investment? For those that are extremely skeptical, it’s usually because a financial planner or advisor has told you to steer clear of annuities, or maybe you’ve even heard about a friend’s bad experience with one. Perhaps..

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